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26 / 27 / 28 may 2022

Opening on Saturday,  May 27th from 16:00h

Marloes Bomers is a painter and also draws en works with ink, collage and mixed media. She works from perception as well as from imagination. In her work her feelings and thinking with both head and hands come together. It comes forth out of her fascinations and wonder and she embraces serendipity. She looks for interesting and often whimsical forms that can also represent other forms. She works in series where she starts figuratively with a subject to end up with more abstract work by enlarging or reducing or by omitting more and more.
You are welcome to experience her work during the exhibition.


Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery

“Waft of Wilderness” paintings

02 – 09 june, 2023

Opening on Saturday,  June 3 from 16:00h


Sravani is an Indian Visual Artist currently living in Amsterdam. 
Her creative practice is inspired by daily interactions with nature. Simple things like golden sun rays kissing lush green leaves, the sound of a stream of water in a quiet forest, the depth of the ocean and the colours of the sky during a sunset- these things excite Sravani’s senses. She likes to call her paintings ‘Earth Inspired’. 

Sravani likes to capture the essence of her subject through an expressive colour palette and rich impasto strokes. Through her art, she intends to bring a piece of this creation/nature close to the viewer and hopes to help them build a deep connection with it.


Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


09 – 11 june, 2023

Opening on Saturday from 16:00h


The work of Frank Nijhoff is mostly abstract, and he can best express himself using materials that can be sculpted in a three dimensional shape. With ceramics, shortly with blown glass, in stone, and now again in ceramic. In both ceramic and stone he looks for limits of the material and methods, maybe caused by a background in Material Science. Going back to ceramics also meant a new relation with the material and the process, and a new work place. This weekend the new results are shown. Please check out more on


Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery



16 june – 22 june. 2023 from
OPENING on Saturday from 17:00h 


A mixed media, digital artist and photographer. Born in Argi-Pagi, Sakhalin, the Soviet Union and living and creating in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

An autodidact artist on a break from a legal career; started drawing in 2020, during and thanks to the Corona lockdowns.

I use acrylic paint, charcoals, oil pastels, epoxy resin, photography and other media (such as mica powders) on dibond, paper and canvas boards… Sometimes I bring my works to the digital world and back to paper to finish by hand – whatever works to express a feeling or emotion when I’ve got an urge to draw.

My art is entirely intuitive. I have no model nor vision when I start a work – I just let it happen, I keep drawing until I feel that I have transformed my feeling into something other people can see.

I love photography too; it has always been my passion. At this exposition, I am pleased to present the Amsterdam Sail (2015) series.

Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


23 – 25 June 2023

Opening on Saturday from 16:00h

Bogi Muis
Form, color, composition, light, and shadow are important. I work a lot with different series of conceptual approaches to show an idea or theme. That brings me to the next level. It gives me the power to explore further.

With each series of photos, I try to build a strong image to project the events as I see or read them from the situation. This representation is usually supported by symbolic objects.

Gerrie van Heun
Names her photo series “Wilderness Longing” and “Far-reaching Existence,” with nature as her source of inspiration. She uses plants from her garden or balcony, and more recently, digital techniques to create an image that takes the viewer along in her own sense of wonder.

Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery

visual artist

08 – 10 september 2023

Opening on Saturday from 16:00h

In my pitch-black drawings it is not entirely clear what is there to be seen. From deep planes of darkness, spaces loom up. The eye is drawn in by a scarce light. Objects and spaces remain undefined in this light that is shed by an unknown source. People are absent, and when their absence is felt it’s not about them; it’s about the shimmering of light that forms and distorts.

By applying many layers of different types of charcoal, I work black in black. The blacker the black, the more the light becomes visible. With sponge, brush, erasers, pastels and pencil a world of its own is created. A world where nothing is and everything could be.



Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery

‘For the lack of a better term’

06 – 12 october 2023

Opening on Saturday from 16:00h

In 2022, Margherita and Hanna connected on a shared experience of burnout. Through their respective practices, the artists explored the use of art and craft as a means to illuminate and process their experiences. Each artist utilises textile techniques – with Hanna focusing on patchwork and quilting and Margherita on knitting – to convey their personal narratives and employ the creative process as a tool for healing. The invaluable supportive resource that sparked into being when the two artists connected has highlighted the significance of community and connectivity during a healing process. During this week, we invite you to visit, interact and celebrate the outcomes of this first collaboration cycle.


Hanna Steenbergen-Cockerton (UK/NL, 1989) is a transdisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam working at the intersections of art, theory, and textile craft. Margherita Soldati (IT/NL, 1991) is an artist with a strong curiosity for tactile perception at the intersection of art and sensory well-be.

Margherita Hanna

Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery

vulnerability / power

01 – 03 september 2023

Opening on Saturday from 16:00h

A visual exploration of vulnerability and the resulting experience of empowerment.

In this performance, the artist sheds as many layers as possible: blindfolding herself to restrict visibility and removing her clothes as an act of full surrender. She performs an expressive dance to the music while creating an artwork, unattached to the outcome of the piece.


Alex Covert is self-taught multidisciplinary artist originally from the United States and currently based in Amsterdam.

Her current focus is on the intersection of painting and performance, exploring the power of vulnerability as she attempts to shed her conditioned layers to discover her authentic self.



Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


15 – 17 september 2023

Opening on Saturday from 16:00h

Elinor Shapiro is a mixed media painter whose works capture the complexity of human relationship and emotion. Born in 1997 Los Angeles USA, she attended a special education academy for the final seven years of her pre university education. This time in her life was incredibly influential to her art, as it was both a most enlightening and a terribly traumatic experience. The school environment exposed her to both the best and the worst of human psychology, watching friends go from genius to psychotic. Seeing the swells of depression consume creativity and suicidal tendencies eating away at brilliance, the vast variation of the human psyche and how it relates and communicates with others. Elinor’s work explores the multifaceted experience of being human and being different.

Max is an artist and explorer from Brooklyn returning from an 18 month journey that included trekking through the tiger-filled jungles of Western Nepal and hunting for treasure in the Arabian deserts with the Bedouin Mafia. He is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary creative known for his surrealist oil-paintings and barbaric use of chemistry in alternative darkroom printmaking. His blood type is O negative, but he tries to be a positive person. He has mixed feelings about 3rd person narratives.


Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


29 sep. – 01 oct. 2023 from 12-18h
OPENING on Saturday from 17:00h 


Brings out the beauty of the stone by simplifying shapes as much as possible with few or no details, less is more.

Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


13 – 22 october. 2023
OPENING on Saturday from 16:00h 


Lotte Isbouts, the woman behind the brand Lois Artworks

Born in Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands, Lotte Isbouts is a self-taught, abstract artist now living and working in Deurne.

Lotte’s philosophy of art is simple; she thrives on abstract as it allows her carefree spirit the freedom to create acting on impulse, driven by instinct. She desires to create visceral works that engage her viewer, triggering a sensory response and strong emotion within them. She aims to create artworks, that come to life, almost becoming their own life form, while pleasuring the eye and hinting at a world that lies deep beyond the surface of her paintings.

Lotte needs space, and creates mostly large abstract paintings. She paints bold, with active brush strokes and captures a bright palet, layer upon layer, with full focus for detail. She sometimes adds pumice, sand or other raw material to literally feel the environment of where she gets her inspiration from.

It is through painting that Lotte shares her soul and her own authentic discovery with the world.
Her only intrusion is the title.


Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


27 – 29 october 2023
OPENING on Saturday from 16:00h 


As an artist Van der Dong is always busy creating things you’ve never thought of. His (imaginary) world often touches the real one in awakening people about certain matters such as religion. His work is all about the tolerance people should have for each other. He asks many questions about the way people react to rituals and symbolism they used in daily life when set in unusual customs. In his work people are challenged to reconsider their thoughts about certain matters. 
Johan van der Dong is also known as an artist who is inspired by subjects such as The Waddensea, human behavior, and the spots he lives on. He painted in his own way with strange materials to let people know how various and wonderful our environment is and can be,/ wondering in how people can live their lives.


Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


Everything is urgent and urgency is everything

24 nov. – 26 nov. 2023
OPENING on Saturday from 17:00h 


(1966, lives / works in Nijmegen)
Clean, often oblique lines and smooth surfaces characterize Laurien Renckens’ work. An effective combination of light colors and pastels with fluorescent colors.
As a result, your attention is instantly drawn, on a subconscious level, towards these abstract canvasses and panels. Like aesthetic, visual sirens.
We live in a world that is full of urgency: numerous crises, from the climate to the housing to the refugees’ crises. Because of the internet, we are incessantly informed about everything. Renckens’ work appeals impeccably to those emotions. Her research topic is: what colors and which combinations evoke this sense of urgency?
Although urgency may come across as a heavy topic, Renckens’ work is positive and alluring, with bright colors and clean lines. Using as little as possible, she creates a strong image and pulls the spectator towards her, only to hit him with that one single question: what does urgency mean to you?

Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


THIS IS ME – paintings

10 – 17 nov. 2023
OPENING on Saturday from 17:00h 


Who am I? Writing about oneself is quite difficult when you don’t always know who you are… wife, girlfriend, lover, mother, sister, daughter, writer, artist… these are all pieces of me, just like the elements in my paintings always seeking a connection. Insights from all these pieces… attempting to stay true to myself from a different perspective each time.
A connection of love, sorrow… joy… desperation… A connection from life translated into my own life expressed on canvas…
That’s what art is to me, unveiling my soul… THIS IS ME.

   Scorpio Heart Art


Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery

painting / collage

19 – 21 may. 2023

opening saturday from 16:00

The Amsterdam based Visual Artist
Moedt has been working on an introspective oeuvre related to gender since 2021.

With their Non-binary portraits, the artist is not only concerned with physical appearances, but more importantly, to translate a fragmented, inner world into expressive and meaningful (mixed media) paintings.The work can be recognized by its powerful compositions, strong contrasts and the use of magazine cut outs (collage) in combination with painting.

Moedt studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and obtained the diploma in Visual Arts in 2010.
In addition to the art practice, Femke is also a host and social media coordinator at art space NDSM FUSE, located at the NDSM LOODS in the north of Amsterdam.


Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


12 May – 14 May 2023

Opening on Saturday,  May 13th from 16:00h


Ilse works with different techniques and materials, intuitively, impulsively, from her feelings, pushing boundaries and fighting with the material. Ilse’s work is abstract or figurative, mostly women figures. You can recognise her work by the use of color, the materials like clay and pigments from nature..

Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


05 – 07 may 2023

opening saturday from 16:00

Mina Visser has her studio in Amsterdam where she also lives. Through years of experimenting with acrylic paint on canvas, she has developed her own technique and signature style.

Painting is a spontaneous process for her with no predetermined outcome, “chance” is an important part of this painting process.

In her studio, she turns on the music, puts on her painting apron, grabs her palettes, and completely loses herself in her creativity.

Her work is mainly created by working with palettes, but she also uses spray paint, scrapers, brushes, and her hands.

She likes to work with many layers, giving an extra texture that comes to life with the right lighting.

Mina often works on multiple canvases simultaneously, and by observing, updating, and changing, the painting improves over time.

On average, Mina works on a canvas for 4 to 6 weeks.

Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


21 – 27 april 2023

Opening on Saturday from 16:00h

Hanna Sundermeier is an Amsterdam based German artist who creates abstract pieces. With a focus on expressing emotions through her work, Hanna uses a unique combination of color, form, and composition to bring her pieces to life.
“In art, She strives to balance form and feeling to create pieces that not only captivate the eye, but also resonate on a deeper level. Hanna’s goal is to bring a unique and meaningful perspective.”


Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


14 apr. – 20 apr. 2023

Opening on Saturday from 16:00h


Everything and everyone is interesting.
Everything and everyone have a story to tell or to paint.
Any landscape figure or still life can be a subject for Tali Farchi’s paintings.
Her free and wild brushstrokes seem to try to liberate her subjects from the mundane, searching for the shapes and movements, and the space in between. 
That space between the leaves, where the air emerges, the different color values, layers and transparencies, these are the materials that particularly interest Farchi’s work.
Another aspect of her work are the multimedia performances where she has been cooperating with dancers and actors.  In these performances she seizes the moment with quick freehand drawing, building a dialogue between dance, music, and acting, transforming the movement and sound to her brushstrokes . The same goes for the paintings she creates in the studio in the old city center of Zwolle or when she goes out in nature for her PleinAir retreats.
 The shades of green and yellow are dominant in her works, and if you can tell, the green is a green that Tali mixes and creates herself, so she can reach all the subtle shades of nature sprouting in front of her.

Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


07 – 09 april 2023

Opening on Saturday from 16:00h

As long as I can remember I’ve been observing and creating. Always searching for bold, vibrant energy is why I love to capture colorful floral pieces and abstract portraits. They remind me that we can grow and bloom from a place of darkness, to shine our light and can be vulnerable at the same time. Inspiration is all around us, what inspires me besides nature, is the energy people bring into a room and how a positive attitude can change the world around you.
My work is not for the faint hearted, but for those who get up after been down, for the people who light up the room just by being themselves and for those who try to keep living on the bright side of life. I hope my pieces bring out these qualities and give you comfort when you might need it.


Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


31 march – 06 april 2023

Opening on Saturday from 16:00h

The use of materials in the artist’s work is calculated, with a focus on finding avenues of the unexpected. A good variety of images or combinations of things that might not be expected are sought after in order to provoke participants to explore new and perhaps unexplored territories.


Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery

paintings & sculptures

24 mar. – 30 mar. 2023

Opening on Saturday 25 march from 16:00

Marian Visser is a painter and art teacher. She works with oil paint and mixed media. The addition of textile or recycled fabrics creates more layering and relief, both literally and figuratively. The atmosphere that emerges in her work is that of wonder about natural phenomena and the effect on us as observers. Her love for skies is evident in this. Personal experiences are also incorporated into more abstract works. She works in thematic series. Fascinated by the way in which color, light and space manifest themselves on the canvas, she expresses intense emotional experiences and involvement in current events.

Caroline Kieboom
paintings and ceramic work are technically founded in her professional career as an art teacher. Since she bought a French home with an art studio in the garden in 2011, she is most productive as an artist. Every free moment she experiments with the elements earth, water and fire to create ceramics. In her paintings she tries to capture light. The endless ways in which light colours our world intrigues her. Cycles of nature are the biggest inspiration. In particular, the healing power in nature, through which everything that lives renews itself again and again. Sometimes traumas leave scars, that results in fascinating new structures. Recurrent themes are growth or connection. She loves to be surprised by playing with shapes, colours, paint, clay, water and fire.

Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery

Between intimacy and alienation

10 – 16 march 2023

Opening on Saturday from 16:00h

To the existence of my work…it is sorts of collection, small anecdotes, situations, perhaps just series of experiences which I collected & translated into sketches, reliefs, forms-work-.
It is very much about the ‘journey ‘my own journey, there I am in away both, the viewer and the participants at same time. It is as I am far and above but also walking along the same path, kicking some stones along the way.
It is about this walk, sorts of journey like, experiences, thoughts, imaginations and scenery… perhaps it is first and foremost about the atmosphere I’m experiencing during this – ‘being there’- in the walk.
I do not look at my works as belonging to any ‘one’ specific category or direction, as for me it is after all more about the search than anything else.
And yes, at the end of the day when I’m Looking at my work as an over whole, as total… then I like them to talk, scream? preferably just sing…


Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery

woodcut prints

24 – 26 february 2023

Opening on Saturday from 16:00h

I find inspiration from the places I travel but most of all Istanbul, New York, Rome, Paris, Stockholm has influenced my creative style and process. I create art because art is not only a self reflection of my inner emotions but also the connection with our spiritual heritage. I specialize in woodcut prints on both paper and canvas and I focus on Ancient Temples as a way of finding our path through the light of our ancestors’ reflection on earth. I also enjoy working with sculpture, especially bronze molding.

My art style is symbolist expressionist. I am motivated by history, nature, animals, music, different cultures. I’ve been creating art for 22 years. My favorite artist is Yayoi Kusama and I find their work to be transcendental and immersive as it creates an obsessional impact as you glaze into their depth! I connect with the art community through gatherings, gallery and exhibition openings, social media and online channels. My work has shown at Agora Gallery in NYC, Bruce Gallery and Bates Gallery in Pennsylvania USA, Chelsea Art Society 71st Annual Exhibition in London, Karl & Ein Art Gallery in Istanbul, London, mayfair miartgallery and latest will be again Nyc this year in 2023 with Agora Gallery again.



Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


10 – 12 february 2023

Opening on Saturday from 16:00h

“A Portuguese artist based in Amsterdam, who, through painting, found that one can speak so much and so loud!

I was once told that an artist is anyone who has something to say to the world, and I, with a mind filled with thoughts, started to paint to externalize them, blending colors and textures to speak a language where words have no meaning. 

The abstract is my style of excellency, it allows me to express my thoughts as I want, however, allows the viewer to have their own interpretation, triggering different emotions in each individual viewer.”

Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


23 sep. – 29 sep. 2022 from 12-18h

opening saturday from 16:00 – 22:00, 24 september


Frederik Groos is a tree hugger.
Through the natural landscape, through “hugging” trees in particular, we feel connected to the original design of the world. Paradoxically, to express this connection, we use language and images, which, uniquely human, creates distance from the natural world. Creating images and uttering names are ritual acts, resulting in icons of worship that reflect on our inevitable exile. Original Sin is his work’s central motif, resulting in a series of paintings depicting the pendulum of growth and decay in striking detail. Thus he paints the tree of knowledge one picture at a time.

Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


9 / 10 / 11 september 2022
opening saturday from 16:00 – 22:00, 10 


South African/ Dutch abstract art photographer Olivier Calkoen has perfected his style through self-exploration.
Inspired by the beauty in nature, Olivier aims to fuel people’s imaginations through making normally unseen environments visible to the naked eye.
Olivier explores self-made macro and abstract worlds as well as the conceptual beauty in everyday life, from crystals to minerals and metals. This website is a showcase of his best work.
Olivier: ‘’Using a macro lens allows you to explore beyond what we perceive as reality, opening up a whole new world of artistry.’



Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


16 sep. – 18 sep. 2022 from 12-18h
OPENING with Cocktails from 17:00h 


Brings out the beauty of the stone by simplifying shapes as much as possible with few or no details, less is more.

Adriana Landzaad & Rudolph van Rosmalen

2 sep. – 4 sep. 2022 from 12-18h
OPENING Saturday 3 september 
from 16:00h – 18:00h


ADRIANA LANDZAAD – drawings, paintings
After the observation of a form or situation, that has my attention and is memorized, I put down, in an artistic way the feeling it gave to me.
I work on my intuition without a plan. Drawing is for me very pure and essential. Painting, mixed media and objects getting, slowly form, during the process of creation.

Lives and works in Holland and Spain


RUDOLPH VAN ROSMALEN – jewelery, sculpturs
My forms and jewels originate, partly, through the material. I don’t use a drawning. In my jewelery, with feathers, I show my poetic side. In my rings I’m surching for monumentality. Bracelet are often a combination of materials or they get shape because they are unusual materials.

Lives and works in Holland and Spain. 

Thijs Westerbeek em studio gallery


July 22 – 29,  2022 

Slávka Krátká was born in 1961. She studied construction engineering – designing, and she worked in the field for a number of years. Besides her profession, nevertheless, she also pursued drawing. When she had met her future husband, academic painter Lubomír Krátký, more than twenty-seven years ago, she started to deal in greater detail with the technique of drawing and later also painting, with his help. She decided for working with acrylic paints.

In her graphic art, her first inclination was mostly to cubism and abstract art. Over time, however, her work got more and more closer to naive style, which is most typical for Slávka Krátká.

She first introduced her paintings to the public four years ago at an exhibition in Prague, and she immediately noted unusual success. She captivated both Czech and foreign visitors. Her work is represented in private collections in Europe, the USA, Canada or Australia.

The paintings of Slávka Krátká also caught the attention of many world galleries. In 2019 she showed her paintings at an exhibition in Milan and Hong Kong. In 2020 she showed her paintings in Prague and Berlin. In 2021 she was represented in the Embassy Row in Washington DC with Ambassador of the Czech Republic Hynek Kmoníček and in 2023 she is planning to prepare exhibitions in Macao and for great success again in Hong Kong.




27 / 28 / 29 may 2022
opening 16:00 – 22:00, 28 may

Marloes Bomers is a painter and also draws en works with ink, collage and mixed media. She works from perception as well as from imagination. In her work her feelings and thinking with both head and hands come together. It comes forth out of her fascinations and wonder and she embraces serendipity. She looks for interesting and often whimsical forms that can also represent other forms. She works in series where she starts figuratively with a subject to end up with more abstract work by enlarging or reducing or by omitting more and more.
You are welcome to experience her work during the exhibition.


Vr installation

06 may – 09 may.  2022 from 12-18h
OPENING 07 may at 17:00h


My artist name is Sleepwalker. I graduated from MA art and science (Fine art) in Central Saint Martins in UK. I love to make real-time interactive installations which combine with multimedia such as VR, AR and projection mapping. My intention is to let the audience have a strong perception of fractal feedback loop of themselves and interact with them.

nulle part ailleurs / nergens anders
bart oomes, salimah gablan, maarten kools 

8 / 9 / 10 april 2022
soft opening 16:00 – 20:00, 8 april
opening 16:00 – 22:00, 9 april

Je wordt niet bedrogen door je ogen in deze expositie, toch wil je tweemaal kijken. nulle part ailleurs/nergens anders gaat over waar realisme surrealisme wordt. Wat je ziet is precies wat het is, maar wat is het?


Bart Oomes
De fascinatie voor het onverwachte en de schoonheid van de ontregeling is de grote drijfveer in zijn werk. Of het nu gaat om het vertellen van een absurd verhaal, ingrijpen in de werkelijkheid met chirurgische precisie of het beeldhouwen van zijn stills met grote finesse; er is altijd deze vraag: “Waar kijk ik eigenlijk naar?”‘

Salimah Gablan

Een gevoel van vervreemding is een belangrijk thema in het werk van Salimah Gablan. Met humor en nieuwsgierigheid speelt ze met vorm en vervorming. Door te vouwen vertaalt ze
uiterlijke schijn naar het verhaal van haar innerlijke wereld.

Maarten Kools

Clair-obscur is het eerste waar je aandenkt als je de fotografie van Maarten Kools bestudeert. Zowel in z’n portretten als in z’n stillevens draait het om contrast. Het toont een wereld die echt lijkt, maar niet de onze is. “van schilderij naar werkelijkheid, van fotografie naar schilderij” is het uitgangspunt voor de fotografie die in deze serie wordt getoond.



Photo exhibition

12 mar. – 18 mar. 2022
 Saturday 12 march from 14:00h – 19:00h

Bas andries is a cameraman and photographer. Each photo tells its own story, based on universal themes such as love and seduction or personal memories of the photographer.
The quality of these magical underwater compositions is partly determined by light, reflection and darkness. This you find also in the series of floral still lifes. Andries refers to the 17th century masters of Dutch and Flemish painting. Everything is real, nothing is ‘photoshopped’. 


10 okt. – 11 okt.
OPENING at Saturday october 10 from 17:00h

Brings out the beauty of the stone by simplifying shapes as much as possible with few or no details, less is more.



11 sep. – 12 sep. 2021
OPENING at Saturday September 11 from 16:00h

Brings out the beauty of the stone by simplifying shapes as much as possible with few or no details, less is more.



27 aug. – 03 sep. 2021
OPENING at Saturday August 28 from 18:00h

His current work shows the freedom of the creative mind, he allows compositions to arise while painting. With his irrational approach, he manages to realize a fascinating play of lines, surfaces, colours, movement and tension which keeps the viewer captivated and continues to fascinate. The vast majority of his work is of significant sizes. As a result, all of Gert’s works have a powerful impression.



28 aug. – 30 aug.

The work of Frank Nijhoff is mostly abstract, and he can best express himself using materials that can be sculpted in a three dimensional shape. First with ceramics, shortly with blown glass, and now mostly in stone: serpentine, alabaster, Belgian bluestone, gala, steatite, etc. Stone is resilient, unruly, brings interesting surprises, but also gives a good result and a rewarding process: For him that final product is important – it should look good shouldn’t it? – but also the process of searching for shape, finding the limits of a stone, creating meaning out of a rough lump. And not to limit himself to a one-sided product, but it should be a three dimensional work with all sides integrated – even the inside in some of his latter pieces. 




The unique signature of Dyon Scheijen Art nondiscriptive, but says everything’. This is how artist Dyon Scheijen (1970) describes his abstract artworks. Art and audiology meet each other in his sound absorbing paintings, where art meets science. Eventhough his paintings aren’t filled with illustrations, an attentive viewer is able to see volumes. This creates an interesting suspense, which increases by the use of your own imagination..

13 March  – 16 March



OPENING Saturday 14 March from 17.00h

Self-taught visual artist and sculptor, passionate about mechanics, Cyrille collects, recycles, awakes and transforms long neglected objects and raw materials.

Scraps of inox, iron and copper, ordinary massproduced objects are turned into unexpected beauties, poetic sculptures setting aside the usual aspect of everyday items so as to exalt in our contemporary gaze.

24 January  – 26 January



OPENING Friday 24 January from 17.00h

Experience an exclusive selection of paintings & artboxes by Monique De Meyere. 



13 Dec  – 15 Dec


OPENING Vrijdag 13 December om 17.00 uur

Exclusive schilderijen selectie van Maja Vucetic en kleurrijke keramische beelden van Wiepko Terpstra. 


Play / experience the exhibition

30 Nov (from 16:00) – 1 Dec (until 17:00)


Maup Nikkels’s sculptures distort and distend, Inviting the viewer to look longer. Their curved surfaces entail an elastic quality.

The abstract pieces can also be characterised by their clear and mathematical shape and a sturdy finish that shows the tools, The craftsmanship and the
hand of the maker.


Play / experience the exhibition

15 Nov – 17 Nov


We have an exclusive selection of Furniture, Art, Books and Photographs from Amsterdam based artists and some vibrant live performances.

05 Oct – 06 Oct

Maartje Seyferth & Victor Nieuwenhuijs

Maartje Seyferth exposeert nieuwe en oude schilderijen & Victor Nieuwenhuijs exposeert stills uit de film “Venus in Furs”

Play / experience the exhibition





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